January 19, 2015 Spring is Coming!

beamer bonnet

Well, its just past the middle of January and boy oh boy has it been cold!  Just like people, we dogs get a bit of cabin fever and need to find other ways to keep ourselves mentally stable through the cold winter months.  While we dream of green agility fields or long summer days of dock diving at the pool we can do other things to keep mentally sharp!

Why not take a trip to the local pet store and try on some summer fashions!  That always lifts my spirits!  Today me and my human, Nancy Hatch went to Global Pet Foods and I tried on this cute little summer cooling bonnet!  Don’t I look adorable???!!!  🙂

Most pet stores allow you to bring your well mannered dogs that are on leash into the store.  So take your dog for a car ride.  Bring them to the pet store as a fun and educational experience.  While you are there, why not practice some of your obedience skills to help with generalizing what you and your human learned at Good as Gold K9 School!

Winter doesn’t have to be depressing.  Its all what you make of it.  Me, I make it fun!

Beamer, Good as Gold Mascot

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