May 4th, 2017 Oh POOP!

Hi Everybody! Its Beamer here. First let me send a bark out to all my fans! Sorry I haven’t been in touch lately. Life at Good as Gold is just as busy as ever.
As many of you may know I am currently in my “golden’ years being a fit and fabulous 15 years, 8 months old. Although my life is great being filled with cushy beds and lots of treats the senior years do present some challenges. For instance, my bladder and my bowels are not as cooperative as they used to be. I mean, when a girl has to go, she has to go! Sometimes, I simply can’t hold it. Its very embarrassing when little accidents happen. ? But, Nancy, Karen and Dawn always have my back. When we go out in public they make sure to bring materials to quickly do away with any tiny mishaps.
I am grateful for them. I don’t have hands as you know and it is impossible for me to clean up after myself! My humans don’t want to leave it for others to clean up because then people get annoyed and the next thing you know, dogs aren’t allowed to go into stores or walk on sidewalks etc.
That is why today’s incident has my fur in a frenzy! Karen was walking out of a pet friendly story when she almost stepped in poop! It was right there on the sidewalk a few feet away from the door of the store. The young man who was helping Karen with a carry-out said it happens quite often. Sometimes, the dogs eliminate in the store and people just walk away from it!! Makes me want to nip them on the pant leg! After all the rules and awareness it is very upsetting that someone wouldn’t clean up after their dog and therefore eventually ruin it for the rest of us who have very responsible humans who would never dream of leaving a mess behind.
So spread the word everyone. Please poop and scoop so you can keep bringing your dog to public places and ensure you and your furry partner can share life’s experiences together as much as possible.
Until next time!

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