March 27th, 2016 – Beamer’s Bio Chapter 3 Once we were lost but now we are found!

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Hey Everyone! Its me, this site Beamer!
We have so much fun here at Good as Gold and I enjoy watching the young dogs train. Some of their training reminds me of things that happened in my past and stories I want to share with you! Like the time the young dogs were doing scent work.
It was a lovely Saturday afternoon. The young dogs were working and having a great time! I watch with anticipation and excitement. I frantically paw at the gate trying to get past the barrier that separates me from the tasty hot dog bits! “Move out of my way kids. I’ll show you how to find them!” I bark to the young pups who are practicing their scent detection techniques. Finally, cost they open the gate and I charge in at full speed!!(well, medicine full speed for a 14 year old!) I race to the containers and smell the prize! HOT DOGS!!! I hit the container with my paw. I look at the container. I nudge it. No one is giving me a hot dog. I check the other container. It has a weird almost sweet smell of mint! I heard “yes” and the hot dogs came!
Learning how to detect scents is part of what my young family members are learning as part of their search and rescue training! Watching them learn how to detect odours, follow directional commands and build drive made me feel so proud of them. They are going to be great search dogs!
It reminded me of the time I was a young pup and got lost. How I wish there had of been dogs like my young great grand kids and their cousins to come and find ME when I was lost. Didn’t I tell you that story? Why, it is because I got lost that inspired my humans to start training the young dogs how to search.
I was about 10 months old. My sister, Horizon and I were outside in our yard when suddenly Horizon noticed that someone left the back gate open! You have to understand, Horizon was an adventurous spirit always looking for opportunities to explore and have fun. She looked at me and said “come on, Sis! Let’s go out and see what’s beyond the gate.” But I did NOT want to go! I liked the sanctuary of our home and I knew that Nancy would be very upset with us if we left. “We won’t go far and we will come right back” Horizon assured me. Going against all my instincts, I followed my sister out of the gate.
The road was quiet. We looked up and down the street. It was so pretty and vast with houses, and fields and trees everywhere! And the SMELLS!!! Horses, chickens, vegetables growing in fields and…..what is that I smell?…..BBQ! I smell BBQ! Oh boy, I love BBQ! Before I realized what I was doing I was running down the road with abandonment racing towards the tantalizing odour that promised succulent meat at the end of my journey.
I let my nose guide my body. When I stopped running and looked around I didn’t recognize anything. I turned from this way to that and sniffed the air but nothing was familiar. I was lost!! I padded up to the door of the house where the smells were coming from. The BBQ was sitting to the side of the front door and was no longer on. The meat was no where to be found. I didn’t know what to do! Should I leave and try to find my way back home or wait. Well, my human Nancy ALWAYS takes care of me so I will just wait. She will find me. ?
In the meantime, Nancy had discovered the unlatched gate and instantly became panic-struck! She ran out to the front of the house calling for Horizon and me. Horizon had finished her adventure and was sniffing out mice in the back garden when Nancy called. She went running to her! “Oh thank goodness you are ok Horizon!”. Nancy put Horizon in the house and went outside to begin the search for me. Hours ticked by. Nancy had enlisted the aid of all the neighbours. Everyone was out combing the streets calling for me…”Beamer! Beamer!”. But in my rush to get to the BBQ, I had actually run quite far and I did not hear them. ? I sat on the front stoop of the house with the BBQ, becoming more afraid and sad with each passing minute.
Back at home, Nancy went into the house to check on Horizon. She brought Horizon onto the bed and with tears streaming down her face she hugged Horizon close and whispered “well Horizon, I guess it is just you and me now. I can’t find your sister”. The despair completely encapsulated Nancy and she began to sob.
A few hours later, as I lay on that front stoop hoping with all hope that someone would find me I heard a faint sound in the distance. I strained my ears and I heard it! “BEAMER! BEAMER!”. Oh boy! A human who knows my name! I went racing down the driveway to the open road and looked from left to right and way in the distance a man was walking towards me. He called my name again “BEAMER!!”. I was overjoyed! I was found!!! I ran to the man and jumped and wiggled and licked his face!! The man laughed and hugged me. “Oh Beamer! Nancy will be relieved when she sees you!
The man and I started walking back to my house. It was REALLY far. Well, after all, I was a young and spry 10 month old Golden pup! I was fast and strong. BOL! Soon though, I saw my house in the distance and I started to strain and pull against the rope the man was using as a leash. I was DESPERATE to get to my home and see my sister and Nancy again! Suddenly there she was. Standing at the end of our drive was Nancy. First, she started walking down the road towards us. Then, the walk was faster. Then it was a jog. Next thing I knew she was running towards us. “Let me go! Let me go!” I barked as I pulled and pulled against the rope leash. The man let go and I was free…free to run to my beloved Nancy! When I was close enough I leaped into the air right against Nancy’s chest and sent her sprawling to the ground. I began licking her tear-stained face with exuberance and she laughed and cried tears of joy. I knew at that moment I would never leave Nancy again!
So you see, if we had search dogs at that time, I would have been found much faster. ? Now, I have my own family learning how to search. No way that happens to me again!

Until next time! Beamer.

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