March 17th, 2015 Not Chapter 2 But a Trip to the Vet

Beamer here! I know everyone is eagerly awaiting the next chapter of my biography but once again it’s been a challenge for me to get out my blog. I’ve been working on it but things just seem to still be so busy busy around here. The hustle and bustle of family life is running me off my paws but I love that and wouldn’t have it any other way. Today I had a full morning of training business here at Good As Gold and then off to the vet for the entire afternoon with my granddaughter Surprise and my grandniece Future. Beamerfuturesurprise

I had my appointment first. It was to have a routine check up. Nothing to worry about people! Thanks for the concern though. I am happy to report that Dr. Aimee Gilbert who works at Beaverton Crossroads Veterinary Clinic said my heart and lungs sound excellent. I just love Dr. Aimee! She’s the best. She always makes me feel like a million bucks when I come to the office.Beamer with Dr Aimee

Future had her appointment next. She’s a very good girl if I do say so myself, but you know young folks today! No matter how many times we told her, she just wouldn’t stop panting for Dr. Aimee to listen to her heart. Oh well! Dr. Aimee got the job done regardless and Future also received a clean bill of health. Woof Woof!
Surprise went next. Surprise is in great shape and behaved very well!
Just as we were finishing up, I was really impressed with my grandniece Future. Without any prompting from me she and Dr. Aimee had a wonderful discussion. Turns out she is very interested in becoming a healthcare professional. Just imagine my little Future wanting to reach out and help other four-legged beings. Who knew!
future wants to be a vet
The girls had all of their tests and check ups completed. I love my girls very very much and I’m very proud of the grown-up dogs they have become.

With the vet visits out of the way, I can now get back to my bio! Stay tuned for the next chapter which is to be released this week! Until then, Here’s barking at ya!


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