June 17th, 2015 Off of Puppy Leave, onto the AAC Ontario West Agility Regionals

Hey Everyone! Its me…Beamer! I know it has been a few weeks since you last heard from me but I have been very busy supervising the rearing of 2 litters of Good as Gold puppies. I know what your thinking. “Why does Beamer have to supervise?” As matriarch of such a large family, I have a tremendous amount of responsibility making sure the mothers are comfortable and taken care of, ensuring the puppies are safe, and keeping order in my household! I may be approaching 14 years old but I still have my paw on the pulse of what is going on around here. BOL!

My first duty upon returning from puppy leave was to act as assistance coach to my human, Nancy Hatch as she accompanied two of her students to the 2015 Ontario West Agility Regional Championship. It was a 3 day event where, after years of training, Nancy Allen and her dog Temple and Dee Partnoy with her dog Alice were competing to earn the right to compete in this year’s national championship competition. Assistant coach beamer

All I can say is what an exciting weekend it was! Nancy Allen and her dog Temple came in 8th place overall out of 47 in their division and Dee Partnoy and her dog Alice came in 23rd out of 47 in their division. Both qualified to compete in the National competition! I am so proud of them as was Nancy!

Regional competitions can be overwhelming and stressful for the novice team. For Dee and Alice, this was certainly the case. They had only competed in 2 AAC agility competitions before they threw their hat into the Regional ring. And the sure pulled it together to do great things. As assistance coach, I drew from my years of experience in the agility competition world to help Alice by giving her a pep talk and telling her all my agility secrets!

AlisonpeptalkAliceagility secrets

Temple has had a very successful competition career to date but she still benefited from my excellent skill as an agility strategist as we reviewed the course map together. Beamercoaching I also assisted Temple in her warm up exercises by reviewing what the left and right commands should look like!BeamerTempleleftright

Some of my other duties behind the scenes included making sure everything was set up in our rest tent, making sure the water was cold and plentiful and supervising the junior helpers, my Great Grand puppies, Remedy and Courage.BeamerwatchingBeamerwater

Remedy did a fantastic job as equipment jockey! At her 10 1/2 week young age, she already knows how to get into a bag and take out a toy! she is such a chip off the old block! (Meaning me, of course!)



remedy toy2

Little Courage surprised and amazed us all with her modelling abilities! As a result she became the official spokes puppy for Must Luv Dogs Cool Coats. Just look at how my little great grand baby works the camera!

As the weekend drew to a close and all competitors went home tired and exhilarated to dream of next year’s competition, I sat and reflected on what a fabulous weekend it was and my own past agility career. Dreamily I remembered my time at regionals. How I yearned to run a regional course just one more time! but at my age I have to face facts that agility is a younger dog’s sport and I will have to be satisfied with doing some weaves and the odd tunnel here and there. Ah well, at least I got to come out and be a part of the excitement just one more time and I hope with all my heart that I will be here to see the wonderful things are students will do at next years event.

beamer reminisces

Bye for now
Beamer, Mascot
Good as Gold K9 School

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