January 8, 2015 Counter Logic – What Does Beamer Think?

What does Beamer Think? (Thoughts on common situations from the perspective of our glorious leader, Beamer the dog):

Today, as I was walking through the kitchen, I sniffed some meat up sitting on the counter. Of course, if I try to take it the humans around me will surely try to stop me and make such a fuss!

So, I thought I would take a moment to let you know about a dog’s counter logic. Yes, I said counter logic! Humans I believe call it counter surfing, or counter stealing. They think that it somehow we dogs are doing something wrong. But that is not how we dogs see it!

Think about it! We are scavengers by nature, eating everything we find. Our ancestors would sit just outside the human campfires and wait for the scraps from their feasts. Just because those campfire days are gone does not mean our taste for meat has diminished!

so it is any wonder that when we walk by your kitchen counter and there happens to be tasty items sitting right there just waiting for us to jump up and eat them, that we do just that?

As a dog, if I smell food I decide whether or not I can get to it. If I am physically capable or reaching the food and there is no barriers to stop me or people to hold me back, then why wouldn’t I take it! Oh sure. There are some of my kind who won’t do it because they think they can’t because their humans have stopped them and they have not been successful in the past. But given a chance and the belief they could just simply put their paws up and scoop that tasty morsel from the counter, they absolutely would do it!

Our humans should remember not to leave food out on the counter if they don’t want us to have it. Its only logical!

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