January 25, 2015 The Pickle Post – Things to Do with Your Dog in the Winter

While I was looking to mooch a pickle, it occurred to me that perhaps my doggie loyal subjects might be getting a bit “squirrly” (hahaha pun intended!) during these cold winter days. Here are some of my favourite ideas to help keep your dog both mentally stimulated and physically fit until spring:

1. Tania Costa of Canine Wellness Centre in Toronto taught me to use an exercise peanut to work out my core and of course, keep my girlish figure!

2. Another one of my favourite activies is indoor agility! Although I am not as fast as some of the youngsters of today it keeps me fit both physically and mentally. Beamer agility3

3. You know, I just started a new activity that I find very mentally stimulating and I highly recommend it to all my dog subjects…..Rally obedience! Rally obedience is a course of numbered stations that dog and handler heel up and the team must execute the activity stated on the sign at that station!

4. In order to seek out the targetted pickle I mentioned at the start of my blog I realized I was using my strongest attribute….my nose! Nosework is an excellent way to mentally stimulate your dog while having fun with them. And its very versatile. You can play dog games, hide and seek etc!

5. What do I like to do best….Did someone say car ride???!!!! I’m in! A car ride is almost enough to make me forget about the pickle! Well, actually, I would want both! woof woof!

6. Other ideas to help pass the time in the winter:
a. Play dates with dog buddies
b. Good old fashioned walking
c. Practicing or learning new tricks (I prefer calling them intelligent canine skills!)
d. Trips the pet store
e. All types of dog sports such as flyball, sledding, weight pulling, hunting, disk, barn hunting etc.

It is really important to keep your mind and body active because it promotes a healthy lifestyle. If you would like any information on dog activities that you are interested in learning about just contact Nancy or Karen at Good as Gold.

By the way, I DID score the pickle!!

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