February 28, 2016 We Have No Mercy…WAIT! We Do Now!

Beamer and Mercy

Hello all Beamer fans!! Yes, it is me, Beamer herself! I know it has been a very long time since I reached out to you but life has been extremely busy here at the Good as Gold homestead.

And after all the hard work, I had everything running perfectly! All of my children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and relatives were settling in to living a peaceful life and I was at the head of this harmonious family (just as it should be!) After all, I have worked very hard to get it this way. But then out of left field, something quite extraordinary happened.

I know Nancy extremely well! So well, I can anticipate almost everything she does. But even with all my wisdom and life experience I was surprised that she slipped something by me. I say this even though I knew Nancy has been dreaming about this for a very long time. But I have to say I just didn’t think she would do it………….

What am I talking about? Well, I am now the caregiver of a bouncing baby border collie (and I do mean bouncing!) I know! You are probably thinking what I was thinking. Has Nancy betrayed us? Has she gone to the other team, the border collie team? Has she turned her back on the breed that I am an exquisite example of, the Golden Retriever? I can tell you I was NOT too happy when Nancy first told me. Getting a border collie pup to train in agility was not exactly a compliment to my family members!
Nancy spent the next several days reassuring me she in no way would ever turn her back on the Golden Retrievers and would always have Goldens. This puppy would need me and Nancy was counting on me to help in the training of this bouncing bundle of joy.

The day came and the little rascal arrived. Mercy was to be her new name and I quickly understood why. BOL! Her energy and curiosity was going to show Nancy no Mercy! I loved her immediately.

It has now been 4 days since Mercy arrived. I have been teaching her how to go pee outside, how to steal food, how to climb onto the bed and get comfy and how to beg for car rides. She is such a quick study and I am now certain she will learn how to be a Golden Retriever in no time! ?

This is going to be fun!

Stay tuned for more updates as things progress.



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