December 26th, 2017 Beamer’s Christmas Message to the World 2017

Beamer Xmas2017
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone from me, Beamer! Its that time of year where I share wisdom and learnings gained by me and the people and dogs around me, over the past 12 months. My message to the world for 2017 is…whatever the challenge if its worth the fight, then don’t give up!
In life, we often faced with challenges that can appear insurmountable. Events can be random and appear out of our control which leaves us feeling helpless and lost and others can come on slowly and are the fight in themselves. In all scenarios, you learn how to claw through the darkness and discover where to draw strength, where the safe places to fall are and how to carry on.

Pridesmile3In May of this year, I suffered a personal tragedy when my own son, Pride, died suddenly of heart failure while out in our yard with his friends. He did not suffer. There was no warning and nothing anyone could have done to save him. This was a catastrophic and devastating loss to the Good as Gold family but to Nancy above all. Pride was Nancy’s shining example of a fabulous Golden Retriever. He was a therapy dog, a service dog, and a champion show dog. He loved the water and his ball and was great with people and dogs alike. Pride had a special relationship with Nancy and his loss shook Nancy’s very foundation. Her challenge was to get up each morning and keep fighting through the grief. She did it. Nancy managed to rise through the pain of the loss of Pride and find the strength to carry on. This is how she honoured him.

Just prior to losing Pride we almost lost another Good as Gold star. Ever was the son of my dear sister Horizon. He was a great dog who was very accomplished in life. He had a passion and zest for working that was second to none! He was one of the gems at Good as Gold for sure! Ever became very ill in the spring of this year. Through testing it was discovered that he had Lymphoma. Nancy had some tough decisions to make. If Ever did not receive treatment for the Lymphoma ASAP he would die within hours. The decision to refer him to an Oncologist in Toronto was made.Ever Dad
The doctor in Toronto recommended chemotherapy. There were no guarantees. The protocol was for 6 months and the cancer could come out of remission at any time. Ever was 12 years old. Most people would have thought there was no way the dog would survive past the week when you consider the state he was in! And chemotherapy is not without a rather significant price tag. But, Nancy knew she had to fight! Remember, 6 months in a dog’s life is the equivalent to about 3 or 4 years in a human’s life. Wouldn’t you want someone to fight for your life if faced with these circumstances? So Ever underwent Chemotherapy treatments. He improved significantly and very quickly! He lived another 7 glorious months with close to the zest for life he always had. When he passed he was at home, surrounded by all the people who loved him. The greatest gift Nancy gave him was the gift of life for 7 months and the most peaceful departure from this world a dog could hope for!
Both these boys have taught us some of the most valuable lessons all humans should consider. Things in life can happen suddenly and seem out of our control. The goal then is to continue to battle through life to claw through the darkness. Other events can happen slowly, and we can make things better simply by not giving up. Fight for what is important and let go of pain. Lean on those around you who can assist you and give you strength. Rely on those who you can provide some relief from the pain using them as your safe place to fall and work together to carry on.
Evil has appeared to be slowly trying to take over our world like a cancer and events have happened that were seemingly out of everyone’s control such as the terrorist attacks in Europe. Just remember, lean on those you trust, work together to conquer evil and carry on, and there IS strength in numbers! No one is truly helpless. You must FIGHT for what you believe in and DON’T GIVE UP!
Bark at you later people!
All my love to each and every one of you,

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