Beamer’s Holiday Message to the World 2016

Dr. Aimee and Beamer

Hey Everyone! Its me, Beamer! Did you miss me? I know I haven’t written much over the past few months and I do apologize for that. I wasn’t feeling like myself and consequently I was tired and didn’t feel much like writing. 🙁 Which brings me to this year’s message…it’s never too late!

You see, I am over 15 years old now. That is quite impressive for a Golden. 🙂 I have lived a very long, adventurous and fulfilling life. I am definitely one of the lucky dogs! But this past year of 2016 I found myself facing some health challenges. I had a rather large lump on my chest. I have been plagued with ear infections. And worst of all, I had some growths on my feet! These growths were not cancerous but they were diabolical. They oozed…they seeped…they bled…they HURT!!!! This made walking very challenging. As time went on, I had days where I didn’t want to go anywhere because the pain was so bad!

Nancy fretted. The doctor told her I needed surgery to get rid of the nasty lumps on my feet. At my age, surgery is VERY risky. But Dr. Aimee assured Nancy she would do everything in her power to ensure I was ok. Now, I know what some may be thinking, “surgery on an old dog? The cost is too great. Just put her out of her misery”. But I am otherwise healthy! My heart, lungs etc are all good! Nancy just couldn’t bring herself to do that to me simply for some lumpy feet! So she agreed to the surgery.

I know many dogs and many people who had a rough start in life or had a trauma or simply had a health scare that impacted their daily lives.

Lets look at our friend Luna. A young, spry border collie just starting out on her agility career. A freak accident in the woods left her paralyzed in the back legs. Her humans were crushed and beside themselves with worry. First doctors that looked at her didn’t hold out much hope that Luna would walk again. Everyone rallied around though and a second opinion was sought out. Thank goodness her humans did that! The next doctor who looked at her from the Toronto Veterinary Hospital gave a message of much more hope! He explained that he had seen this injury before. In all likelihood Luna would start to recover in a few weeks. And he was right! After months of rest and physiotherapy, Luna is back on the agility field! If her humans had of accepted the first prognosis, Luna may not have been given a second change. But it wasn’t too late! And as a result she is living a full life with her humans and her baby brother, Chance.

Then there is Jersey. An American Bulldog who was rescued by her human. Jersey’s home today is her 4th home. Needless to say, Jersey’s start in life was not very secure, nurturing or positive and she became very reactive to other dog! Her human didn’t listen when it was suggested maybe Jersey should be put down. It made Dawn more determined to work with and help this rescued Bulldog. When they first came to Good as Gold they did private only. Over time, Jersey started working around other dogs. Then, only about 7 or 8 months ago, Dawn and Jersey started doing agility. And WOW! This team has accomplished so much! Not only did Dawn and Jersey get 3 1st place finishes and 2 Q’s in a recent agility trial but Jersey was surrounded by other dogs!! You see! It’s never too late to turn a dog’s behaviour around and help them to cope with the world! Way to go Jersey

As for me…now I feel great! Dr. Aimee did a fantastic job and my feet no longer hurt. When you look at my paws, you can’t even tell I had surgery. I can run a bit now and I love to go outside! And I really enjoyed this year’s Christmas party! See, the picture at the top is me with my doctor..Dr. Aimee Gilbert from Beaverton Crossroads Veterinary Clinic! Thank you Dr. Aimee and my human Nancy for not giving up on me and believing that as long as we are on this earth its never too late to make things better!

Everyone here at Good as Gold wishes you a happy and healthy 2017! Remember to cherish every day and live life to the fullest. As long as we are here, it is never too late!

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