April 4th, 2018 – Its Not Over!

Hi Everybody! Its me Beamer writing to you once again.
The past few months have been challenging for me. I mean, I am not getting any younger having celebrated being 16 ½ years old last month! But at my age, things don’t always work the way they should. And sometimes its pretty scary.
What many of you may not be aware of if how close I came to the end of this life journey. Yes, I became quite ill and yes, it was almost the end of me.
I couldn’t breath
I couldn’t walk
I couldn’t eat!
Nancy was beside herself with worry. So our friend Karen came and together, they lifted me into the car and took me to the doctor. Dr. Les was on duty at Beaverton Crossroads that day. He examined me, listened to my heart and listened to my chest. His brow furrowed, and he was thoughtful for a moment but obviously concerned. He ordered blood work and x-rays. When the results were in, Dr. Les came into the room and I just knew it wasn’t good news. Dr. Les had a sad look on his face. As he talked, I noticed Karen’s tear filled eyes and then Nancy….her heart was obviously breaking.
I was tired, and I felt terrible. Every breath was difficult. And without food I was close to giving up. But when I looked at Nancy and saw her pain I decided I had fight! Our new book was coming out and I needed to be around to see this accomplishment come to fruition. I needed to be there for Nancy. Dr. Les put me on antibiotics but told Nancy to prepare herself for the fact they may not help. I was determined though. I was going to fight to survive!
Later that night, I was no better. Nancy felt helpless so decided to take me to the Emergency Hospital in Toronto at Eglington and Allen Road. Our friend Sherry came to drive us. Sherry rushed down to the city and in her haste to get to the hospital she made a wrong turn. Well, if any of you have ever driven in downtown Toronto, you know about the one-way streets, right? Before we knew it, we were completely lost.
Sherry pulled into a parking lot to get her bearings and turn around. It just so happened she pulled into the parking lot of a local Toronto Police station. BOL! Two officers saw the strange vehicle come into the parking lot and thinking it looked QUITE suspicious they carefully approached! They asked if everything was ok and if they could assist.
Nancy told them about my plight and how she was trying desperately to get me to the hospital. The two officers named Anthony and Stephana, checked in the back of the car. Our eyes met, and they knew at that moment how sick I really was. They immediately told Sherry to follow them and they escorted us to the hospital. When we arrived, the officers had Sherry park right in the front of the hospital in the no parking zone! They told Sherry not to worry about it. They would make sure she was permitted to park there for the duration of our visit. Nancy went into the hospital to tell them we had arrived. When she came out the officers asked if staff were coming out with a stretcher. Nancy told them no. “Wait here” the officers said. They went into the hospital and came out with a stretcher, got me out of the car and carried me in! They had to run but they gave Nancy their badge numbers and asked her to update them on my condition.
Once inside the hospital, they ran all the same tests including blood work and x-rays. And the doctors there walked in with the same look on their faces. The doctor said to Nancy “her lungs are so noisy with congestion that I can’t even hear her heart!” WELL! That scared us all! Again, the said to Nancy to prepare herself that this could be the end of me here on earth. But again, I was prepared to fight and so was Nancy! For weeks, Nancy prayed with her whole being that she would have more time with me and I with her. She nursed me every day. And her prayers were answered.
That was 5 weeks ago.

Last week, Nancy, Sherry and I went back down to that police station and met up with Officer Anthony and Officer Stephana. I was feeling so much better I walked into the building under my own steam. The officers were SO happy to see me up and about and breathing well. Thanks to Dr. Les and his antibiotics my lungs were much clearer. So, there I was. In a police station! Taking selfies with 2 wonderful Toronto Police Officers
and saying thank you by giving them a copy of my first published book, That Dog is Friendly.
Nancy wanted those officers to know that they contributed to me surviving. They were bright lights on an otherwise dark night.
I am so grateful that we have such fantastic men and women working hard every day to protect all living creatures in their time of need!
And at 16 ½ years old, after everything I have done in my life and all the places I have been I got a true, bonified police escort! I never had THAT before! And I had never had 2 officers carry me either! Bark! Bark!
Thank you, Officer Anthony,!
Thank you, Officer Stephana!
See you at my book signing May 12th, 2018 in Newmarket at the Global Pet Foods on Davis Drive at Yonge!
Bark at ya later!

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