April 25, 2018 – Beamer’s Wish

Hello Everyone! I am Karen, Beamer’s scribe. As many of you already know from reading her last blog, Beamer has not been feeling her best lately. In preparation for the time when she would no longer be with us to express her opinions, share her stories, or tell you herself how much she loves all the dogs and people in her life, we spent time together where she imparted all knowledge, wisdom and experiences within her to be shared with all of you over time. The last script we worked on is sort of akin to a last will and testament. Here is what Beamer said…
Hey Everybody! Its me again. Beamer!
As I told you before, I am not feeling so great these days and at my age of 16 years and 7 months I feel it is important to prepare for the time I must leave you here in this world. As I pondered this inevitability I became very distressed. How will everyone get along without me to guide you through the trials and tribulations of life? Who will welcome all the new puppies into the world? Who will keep the Good as Gold spirit going? And most importantly, who will take care of Nancy?
It then dawned on me that I actually have a great family here at Good as Gold whom I have taught well. Just a few words telling you what I wish deep in my heart and I know you will ensure it happens. So here it goes!
1. I wish everyone would be kind to each other. Treat each other with respect and patience and everything will turn out great. Don’t fight. Don’t steal from each other. Treat others as if they were just as important as any of us are.

2. I wish that no one wastes a single day of their life worrying about trivial things, stressing over the acquisition of more goods or money, and enjoy each and every moment life has to offer. Other than treats, that’s how I lived!

3. I wish for people to remember that dogs are living animals, with thoughts and feelings. They want to be happy, safe, and know someone loves them. Treat your dogs with the respect that all life should be given. You won’t be sorry!

4. I wish everyone would know the joy of a car ride on a sunny day.

5. I wish everyone would realize you are NEVER too old to learn something new, try something different, or simply play and have fun!

6. I wish for everyone kiss their loved ones each day and make sure they know you love them.

7. In my physical absence, I wish that my daughter Dreamer take over the job of helping mother dogs with their new puppies when they are born at Good as Gold

8. And for Nancy, I wish for my Good as Gold family to take over in the care of her. And I don’t want Nancy to be sad. When she feels sad, I want her to look at the sign on the front lawn. Look what we created together Nanny! I am always with you. xoxo

9. And last but not least….eat! Need I say more? BOL!!

When I am gone, I don’t want any of you to be sad. I lived a wonderful and full life and I have been a very lucky dog. I have had many careers that included, agility, Rally obedience, motherhood, service dog work, therapy dog work, champion show dog, blogger, inspiration of a children’s book, and school mascot.
I have travelled all over the world, been on a cruise, had a police escort, been to many events and competitions, watched over many litters of pups and met thousands of wonderful dogs and people. Thanks to Nancy, my life has been fantastic!
When you think you miss me, just look at any dog’s face here at Good as Gold and you will see me. Run on any agility field with a dog and I will be there running with you. Snuggle any puppy and feel the warmth of me snuggled against you too.
However, everyone grieves so I know that no matter how much I wish that you are not sad, there may be moments when you need to know I am near. When that happens I want you to remember, with every dog that you bring to Good as Gold; with every pat of a dog; with every treat given; the memory of me lives on. Honour the dog, you honour me. I am Good as Gold!
I must leave you now as I hear our Master calling me over the rainbow bridge. Being the great dog that I am with impeccable recall, I will happily make my way to Him to live forever in paradise with everyone I love who has gone before me. I can’t wait to see my sister Horizon!!!! Bark! Bark! Bark!
Remember, I love you all and I will always be there with you.
Until we meet again,
Keep on playing.
Bark at ya there!

Good as Gold’s Moon Beamer, a.k.a. Beamer passed away peacefully in her home curled up safe in Nancy’s arms on Sunday April 22nd at 7pm. She left this earth the way she lived life…on her own terms. She is survived by her children, grand children and great grandchildren. What a spectacular legacy!
On a personal note, as Beamer’s scribe, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Beamer for everything she has done for us. Beamer has been an inspiration to many at the school. For me, she allowed me to be her fingers and she spoke through Nancy and I. She has opened up my world to many possibilities and I will miss having her here, beating me up with her paw to feed her treats, or watching her rush to my car to sit in it and hope that I get my keys and take her for a ride.
And to Nancy, thank you for sharing Beamer with all of us. Our lives are better for it. And when you feel sad, remember what Beamer said…she IS Good as Gold. She lives on in everything we do.

Please view this video tribute to a special, accomplished and inspiring dog…Beamer!


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