Honest & Ray

Matt & Katie


Dog training, servicing the Greater Toronto Area, York Region, including Newmarket, Aurora, Keswick, Sutton, Mt Albert, Markham etc for more than 30 years.

Founded on the desire to maximize the human-canine relationship and make it everything it can be, Good as Gold K9 School was established in 1991 in the town of Mount Albert, ON.

For the past 31 years, thousands of dogs along with their humans have attended various classes and events at the school. All training methods used are positive. This is easy to say but not every positive method is effective for every dog! At Good as Gold, every student comes for a minimum of 1 hour intake session where we learn about your dog, you and the people in your dog’s family. We really get to know you and your dog and listen to how you would like to shape the relationship with your dog! It is this one on one attention that contributes to our outstanding success rate and is the essence of our philosophy.

Learn, Love, and Live with your dog!