Agility Classes

mollyAre you looking for a fun activity that is both mentally and physically stimulating for your dog? Is your dog physically capable of running and jumping? Do you want an activity that further develops the strong bond between you and your dog based on mutual understanding and communication? Then agility will be your activity!

Agility is a popular dog sport. You and your dog learn how to navigate around a course of obstacles including tunnels, health jumps, store a dog walk, weave poles, a teeter totter, and more! Through training and having fun, your dog learns how to run as fast as they can around the obstacle course while you deliver the critical information the dog needs to determine which obstacle to do next. It is fast paced and extremely stimulating for both the dog and the human!

Here, at Good as Gold, we have agility classes from beginners to Master level dogs, from recreational enthusiasts to highly competitive teams. Some of our teams never enter a competition ring. They only want to enjoy an activity with their dog. Others, prefer the challenge of competing for agility titles with dogs from all over the province, the country or the world!

Whether you are an enthusiast or have aspirations of competing we have a class that is just right for you and your dog!