Behavioural Modification

Does your dog, bark excessively, nip at people’s heels, exhibit aggressive tendencies towards dogs and/or people? Those are just a few examples of behaviour issues that require behaviour modification. Behaviour modification involves the implementation of protocols and techniques over and above general obedience. By using dog psychology to understand the underlying issues causing a dog’s unwanted behaviour Nancy and Karen will help you learn how to help your canine companion become a psychologically happier, healthier dog.

Bella  Charlie 5
“We adopted Bella from the Toronto Humane Society (THS). She was almost 1 year old at the time….We became very aware that Bella did NOT like other dogs.She would growl and snarl and bark and pull and just completely lose control when she could even see another dog. “Demon dog” is what we would describe her as in those moments…..our vet recommended Nancy at Good as Gold… Nancy taught us all sorts of things, but probably most importantly, gave us the tools we need to be able to listen to Bella. We understand her needs and how to communicate with her (most of the time!) in such a way that she is confident and happy. It turns out she is not an overly aggressive dog… together we have all learned how to be okay around other dogs….. We never would have believed Bella’s transformation was possible and it is all specifically because of Nancy, and Good as Gold K9 School”


“I was referred to Karen Baxter by my Veterinarian ….I was in search of behavioural training for my Shetland Sheepdog “Odie” who recently had a court order issued for his obsessive “herding” and barking…. Karen then set about producing a thorough training plan for submission to the Court in order to meet its conditions…It was her recommendation that we work on Odie’s shortfalls through her proven behavioural modification techniques and in concert with the12 steps of the CKC Canine Good Neighbour Program. With great pride and support Karen accompanied Odie as we passed with “flying colours” our CKC-CGN certification…I found Karen to be patient and caring in her approach . Karen is a very affable and competent trainer In the short time I’ve known her she has shown consistently that she has the welfare of the dog at the very heart of her motivations in her training.”