Training Services

Basic dog training

Do you have a situation with your dog that requires more specialized attention? Good as Gold offers specific services to meet the immediate needs of the dog and owners.
Behavioral Consultation and Modification

From puppy house breaking difficulties to extreme dog reactivity, recipe work with a Good as Gold trainer to overcome behaviour issues that are preventing your dog from achieving a balanced, happy life. Sessions are private so we can accommodate your scheduled.

In Home Training

When you feel that your dog “acts differently” at home than it does when you are in a “class”, contact Good as Gold to arrange a private, in-home training lesson. These sessions can be used to deal with everything from dogs bolting out the door to separation anxiety, aggression, or general unruliness in the home.

Seminars and workshops
Throughout the year, Good as Gold organizes special seminars and workshops covering topics that today’s dog owners have expressed an interest in learning.


Whether you have aspirations of competing in an organized dog sport like agility or simply want to assist your furry friend to learn good dog manners Good as Gold K9 School has a class that is tailored to meet the needs of you and your 4 legged companion. Classes are designed specifically to build teamwork and bonding with your dog and so you can meet like-minded people. Classes run 6 days a week both in the evening and during the day. Contact Good as Gold to find a class that is right for you!

Recreational Agility – All levels in Standard and Games

Competitive Agility – All levels in Standard and Games (AAC, CKC, CPE)

Recreational Rally Obedience – All Levels from Novice to Versatility

Competitive Rally Obedience – All Levels from Novice to Versatility (CARO, CKC)

Recreational CARO Working Certificate – All Levels

Competitive CARO Working Certificate

Competitive Obedience – All Levels (CKC)

Reactive Dog Treatment

Puppy Classes – Puppies of every age and every skill level are welcome!

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