Cool Dog Stuff

Things you can do with your dog

[img src=]8040Agility - A frame with running contact
[img src=]3510Agility - Teeter - totter
[img src=]2840Agility Teeter - totter 2
[img src=]2580Agility Teeter - totter 3
[img src=]2560Agility - Tire jump
[img src=]2860Agility - Tunnel
[img src=]2710Anticipation of having fun
[img src=]2670Beautiful walk
A few short months before, this walk would have been a struggle.
[img src=]2680Down
[img src=]2420Drive towards obstacles
[img src=]2690Memorizing signs in rally obedience
[img src=]2380Politely walking on a leash
[img src=]2100Reward with a toy
[img src=]2260Reward with a treat
[img src=]2230Rock solid contact
[img src=]2260Teaching her to stand
[img src=]2160Teeter - totter
[img src=]2200The A frame
[img src=]2200The dog walk
[img src=]2000The Jump in agility
[img src=]2040The Jump
[img src=]2030The lead out
[img src=]1960The lead out 2
[img src=]1730The lead out 3
[img src=]1980 The tunnel
[img src=]2060Treat for a good boy
[img src=]2090Working agility course distance