Good as Gold Difference

From the moment a dog and owner first step through the doors of Good as Gold K9 School, the values in which we work and live with dogs becomes very clear. Owned and developed by Nancy Hatch, the Good as Gold Difference consists of four core values that shape and direct the interactions Good as Gold behaviourists and trainers have with each dog and their human companion.
Our Four Core Values are:

1. The Training Class Difference:

You and your dog come first at Good as Gold K9 School. Our classes are shaped by the specific needs and issues experienced by our students. We do not believe in a cookie-cutter curriculum. You are paying for your training classes and therefore you should receive the type of training you and your dog actually need. Upon enrolling at the school we meet with you and your dog personally in an intake session. This first class is designed to get to know you and your dog. Then together with you we prioritize your training needs. So you get your most important need met first, and then we move down the list until all of your training requirements are resolved. me, Next and GrrrAs well at this time we assess your dog to determine what type of training will best suit him or her. We have many types of class formats; individual private, small group, in your own home classes, short term seminars, Field trips and fun days for real world experience.

Because of our Trainers vast knowledge and expertise we are able to offer many subjects from obedience to dog sports. We offer these classes at all levels. Our class times are extensive running seven days a week allowing us to accommodate your schedule. Our Group classes are small with 3 to 5 dogs providing you with the one on one attention you need to succeed. Our classes are ongoing allowing you to get started as soon as you want. The other benefit to ongoing classes is that you can remain in your class for the length of time you feel is beneficial. In addition, our classes are affordable we will never financially lock you in. We run on a pay by the week basis.
Lastly, our classes are effective, encouraging and fun. Our campus is welcoming and friendly. Many good and meaningful friendships have begun at the school between both dogs and their people. Our students tell us they feel the Good as Gold difference. We get the highest marks from our students for the effectiveness of our training. This is why we do what we do.

2. The Treatment of Your Dog Difference:

Respect for our canine students is paramount. We believe that dogs are extremely intelligent, rubyandKarenintuitive and emotional beings. Often they are far better at reading us then we are at reading them. While the canine and human psychologies differ, dogs can learn far more then is typically thought or imagined. At Good as Gold we have the highest respect for dogs. Our methods of teaching support a dog’s ability to learn through self discovery and problem solving. While many training institutions use positive methods, we believe that ethically we must go even further than this. In addition to the positive approach we must add methods that are completely fair and just to the dog’s unique psychology and emotional makeup. We teach our students how to teach their dogs from the dog’s point of view. At Good as Gold we truly love dogs and they can tell.

3. The Treatment of YOU difference:

Respect for our human students is also paramount. We will always work with you in a friendly and positive manner. We are people people, as well as dog people. It is vital that the BellaandAshleydog trainer or dog behaviorist is just as comfortable and skilled with people as they are with dogs. Our people skills are second to none. In working with you during training we believe that one size DOES NOT fit all. We will tailor your dog training program to fit with your personality, your ethics and your goals. We believe that personal attention and interaction is essential in achieving your dog training needs. We will always make time to talk with you in person or on the phone. If a serious situation occurs that we may assist you with in between classes we will strive to call you back as quickly as possible. We will never give up on you in any dog training situation. Our goal is always to remain encouraging, compassionate and supportive.

4. The Canine Psychology Difference:

When working with our dogs often we get caught up in our human way of viewing the situation, after all we are human beings so this is completely understandable. In fact, many dog training ideas we have in our society today are directly based on human psychological hypotheses and theories. At Good as Gold we feel we must go beyond these models to truly understand our dogs. We must base our understanding of dog training on a Psychological model developed specifically for dogs. We teach our students how to better understand their canine partner’s psychological world from their dog’s point of view. Why dogs do the things they do? Why they don’t do the things that they don’t do–These are the questions we answer along the way in our classes. Our academic knowledge and practical experience of canine psychology allows us to get right to the heart of the matter, and therefore, get right to the heart of the solution!

It is also important in addressing your dogs progression through their education to consider many factors such as breed, gender, reproductive status, socialization level, and exercise level to name a few. Because another key to success in training your dog, is viewing the dogs whole life experience. We will not just look at their time here with us in the classroom. We must take a whole dog approach, so that you get a whole dog real life benefit from training. You have our professional commitment to you, your dog and your success.