About Us

What better way to find out about us than through the words of one of our Good As Gold graduates:

We started attending training sessions with Karen from Good as Gold about a month ago, viagra order with our almost 6 month old puppy Merlin.  We had previously attended training at a large beautiful walkpet store chain and felt it was a “one-size fits all” approach.  From the moment Karen started working with us, sales she offered common sense, salve practical advice that was customized to our specific needs and best of all, the advice could easily be applied.  Merlin clearly had wanted to learn all along and now because of Karen’s advice we had the appropriate tools to work with him.  In the span of one month, we no longer require a gentle leader, (which makes our walks more enjoyable for both us and Merlin).  His sit and wait and sit and stay have become solid and he is no longer trying to be dominant with our children.  He has started agility training and seems to love it.  We think it is great that Merlin is also given the opportunity at the end of class to socialize with the other dogs and have some free play time.  We are grateful to Karen for all of her hard work with us!